I adopted Lucy when she was 5 weeks old, she was So small, fitting in the palm of my hand. She was scared, all alone, in her cage at the pet store.

I wasn't planning on owning a guinea pig but she looked so sad, I wanted to give her the attention and Love she obviously wasn't getting from the pet store.

I purchased everything I would need to care for her and brought her home. Lucy was still sad though, I couldn't make her happy and she wasn't eating. Worried, I did some research and found guinea pigs are a herding animal from the beaver family (hence the never ending growing teeth.) Lucy needed a companion!

It took some time to find another female guinea pig (males & females breed babies fast!) When I found Sally, Lucy was almost 3 mo. old, getting used to me, eating a little but still very sad. As soon as I put Sally in the cage, Lucy perked up, hopping all over her cage (pop corning) while making little squeaking noises! Lucy was Happy! Listen to what guinea pigs sound like here!

For the first time since I adopted Lucy, she started to eat her veggies! Sally adapted very well from the start having Lucy as her new sister.

Both girls enjoy going outside to eat grass when the weather permits and I have since purchased a ferret cage (ferret nation) to give them more room to romp!

Guinea Pigs are such delightful little animals to own and Love. I'm So glad I adopted them!

The girls will be 3 yr. old come March & April of 09.

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Here's Lucy & Sally's baby pictures

Lucy, only 5 weeks old

She's all alone & scared

Such a Tiny little girl

This is little Sally about 6 wks old

Just after Sally was introduced to Lucy

Lucy's showin Sally her new home

Two Happy little Girls!

All grown Up!


~ Lucy Finally Gets A New Companion ~

Her name is Molly, a 5 month old Teddy guinea pig baby I found at Pets Mart. I tried to adopt from a guinea pig rescue ...but unfortunately the rescue place here in Washington would never get back to me about the piggie I wanted to adopt....and... the didn't have any female piggies to pair with my Lucy.

When I first discovered Molly, she was the only piggie the new Pets Mart had in the store. She didn't look very well so I asked about her health and discovered she had been sold to a family and then returned when they noticed she was sick with a respiratory condition, which had been treated, so they thought my concerns were unfounded. I didn't want a sick piggie and asked if they could have a vet check her out Again before I decided to take her. The specialist at the store said they would have her checked and then call me when they got some news about her health.

A couple days later I got a call saying the little guinea pig was healthy.......But.... I wasn't sure and asked if she could be taken to my vet, since I did notice a bit of dried blood on her ear when I first saw her. They agreed to do that for me, whew! It turned out Molly had Mites! My vet treated her with an injection of Ivomectin and said she would need another treatment in 10 days to get rid of the mites.... other than that, the little piggy was healthy.

Well, after a month wait and a clean bill of health with my insistence and "No Charge" on my part, I was able to bring Molly home to meet Lucy.

Lucy wasn't as excited as I thought she would be to get a new companion but instead she acted like she was upset. My guess is that Molly being a baby and Lucy being 3 yrs old, not to mention she still missed Sally meant it would take time for Lucy to get used to Molly.

Molly has been part of my pet family for about 3 weeks now but Lucy still hasn't adjusted to her young companion. When ever Molly trys to get close to Lucy, Lucy lets out a Loud Squeal until Molly moves to another part of the cage. To be honest, I'm puzzled by this reaction and I don't have any clue what could be causing it? I could Really use some HELP from a piggie lover!

So, if any of our visitors can help me figure this out I would be most grateful.... and so would Lucy.