Hi Everyone I'm from South Hill Puyallup in the beautiful Evergreen State of Washington in the Pacific NW. Living here all my life and loving the country as much as I do, I was thrilled when our neighbors brought six beautiful Horses to their 28 acre pasture behind my home. Their names are Barney, Babe, Jackson, Curly, Sundance and Brin!

The pasture is right off my deck, in the back of my house, so I get to enjoy their beauty as much as if they were my own.Some day I'd love to own enough property to have my own horses!


Photos taken of all our neighbors horses

This is Barney in front of Babe. If there is Horse Love, then this is it! These two are never far away from each other...

Jackson stands by while Babe & Barney settle down for a rest... Below the two "Love Birds" graze on grass after their nap...

~ Winter 2008-2009 ~ Christmas snow ~

Jackson nibbles on grass in a country setting

Barney enjoys the grassy field

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Introducing Sundance

Sundance is new to the herd and wasn't accepted by the others at first. It took some time but now he's one of the gang! He's been with them for 6 months now. This is one very sweet horse!

Sundance enjoying a little hay

Barney's looking for some attention & maybe a little hay too!

Babe found her's & it's Really! Yummy!

Meet Curly, a very sweet guy

Curly is the only horse that accepted Sundance right from the start ~ probably because poor Curly knew all about being new to the herd! He's such a sweet guy! I love all the horses but Curly & Sundance are my favorites! When they see me outside they come running up to the fence to greet me. Of course it doesn't hurt to have a little treat for them either...hehehe! note: this pic was taken at the start of Spring after a cold hard winter. Curly looks a little worse for wear. He's all fattened up now thank goodness!

Curly Summer of 2008

Winter 2008 ~ 2009